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The page that's build just for MY fun.

(Maybe someone else also has some fun with it ? Anyway, a big Mermgfurt to you !)

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2010-01-03: Again: the UWP-HDR-Calendar! ...

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The greatest woman of the world:
(Beware: German language only !)

=> Kürbiskönigin (Pumpkinqueen) Cymone

Stories by me:
(I'm sorry, but my english is not good enough to translate my stories to english language perfectly, so they are only in german)

=> Read them now!
(Learn german before doing this! :))

Watch my photo skills here:
(german entitled only, but I think the stuff is also usable for non-Germans)

=> My gallery, this is the new gallery, my old one you can find here
(free to use, except commercial use, my copyrights on those pictures remain!)

My programmed stuff:
(Last update: 2002-05-31)

=> small programs / patches
My beloved links:

=> Hobbies etc.
Music & infos of:

And their first hit "First Dance" as
(only made with Linux tools!)

=> Music-Video!
New from CX2:
(the successor of CHAPTER X, live!)

=> 2 new videos!
And the most important:

=> The Mermgfurt-Page!
The newest pictures on my fotothing-page: =>
Or the whole archive ...

=> ... on one page! (Beware! BIG!)
Responsibilities you can find in the
(This is german law, so the text is also german only)

=> Impressum

There's this email address to contact me, for sharing ideas etc.: uwp@dicke-aersche.de

Sometimes you can even find me at IRC. My nick is UWP.
Very seldom even at ICQ: 309420464

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